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God's Plan For Us

This is our journey - God's incredible plan for our lives. When we followed the moving of the Holy Spirit, He opened the windows of Heaven and poured out upon us blessings we never dreamed of! Indescribable joy!

" For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day 543

OK, just kidding. It just seems like we've been gone that long. Actually, it has only been a week, but it certainly seems longer. Didn't do much of anything yesterday. I think everything was catching up with us and we needed a day of rest. We (and yes, I mean we - Virgil and Elli also got in on the fun) did laundry, which was about an hour and half ordeal. Stockings were hung by the chimney with care (or maybe over the bathtub with clothesline brought from home). I am such a spoiled girl. Many in the world don't even have easy access to water, and I complain about washing clothes by hand. (BTW - laundry service is EXPENSIVE; a T-shirt costs over $5 to wash!!! Hence boiling water and scrubbing by hand) That washing must have worn me out, because that was about as productive as the day got.

Today was a better day for us all. After another great breakfast (Elli had stir fry and dumplings and Erin ate the same thing she has asked for every morning - NOODLES!! She will also eat eggs and dumplings, but prefers noodles. Yesterday she had THREE bowls of noodles, three drinkable yogurts, and some milk before we cut her off. She (like the rest of our gang) can put the food away. I'm thinking Virgil may have to plow up the back yard and put in a big garden just to feed them all.
We went to the notary today to make everything legal. Because of the holiday beginning tomorrow, they were just going to mail our paperwork to the next province (which is a little scary, because we're not leaving the country without those documents), but the lawyer called back this afternoon and said we could come late today and get them. They are now safely tucked away with the other million pieces of paper in our binder.

The orphanage director, who was also present when we picked up Erin's paperwork, invited us to come back by the orphanage to get a journal of Erin's time there from 2010-2011. The journal includes several photos and updates on her daily life. We love getting those kind of treasures!!

We also did a bit of sightseeing today. We visited two parks, both of which overlooked the South China Sea. Both parks were beautiful settings, and we all had a good time getting out and walking some. We also went to Holiday Beach, which is a popular area here. Erin and Elli dipped their toes in the South China Sea, which feeds into the Pacific. Hainan is a tourist destination, with a climate similar to Hawaii. Coconut trees line every street. I had my first taste of juice from a coconut that had just been opened up. After we finished drinking the juice (which wasn't very popular with the girls) they cut the meat of the coconut and we sampled that as well. A neat thing to do with the girls even if it wasn't pleasing to their taste buds.

Since everyone has already fallen asleep, I'll call it a night as well.

Blessings, Cindy

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  1. Love the updates! Erin's journal is a blessing! I am happy for yall! Sounds like things are going great. Where's the pics of a man doin laundry.... ESPECIALLY laundry by hand!?!?!? :)