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This is our journey - God's incredible plan for our lives. When we followed the moving of the Holy Spirit, He opened the windows of Heaven and poured out upon us blessings we never dreamed of! Indescribable joy!

" For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

LiLi's Birthday

Today we celebrate Enya (LiLi's) 8th birthday - her first birthday with a family. We had family over on Sunday for a party for her and she loved it (so did everyone else)! She is such a joy to be around. Her enthusiasm and love of life is contagious and you can't help but smile when you're around her. Not once did she have to be reminded to say thank you, and her hugs were freely given to all who were here. She got excited about everything she got - especially the cards (since Elli has been home longer and has had two birthdays home already, she has quite a few more cards than LiLi and LiLi knows it!). She is truly a special blessing to us all. She is loyal, funny, playful, energetic, compassionate, and spreads joy to all who are around her.
I looked back at our referral paperwork today, and thought how difficult it must have been for her biological mother to lay her down and walk away. Since Enya had a bilateral cleft lip/ palate and ptosis of right eye, I think her mother felt she had no choice but to hope that she'd get the care she needed, if she was left in a public place. So many people in China do not have medical insurance, and are left without many options. Many cleft babies die because they are unable to eat. I'm so thankful that Enya was given the life saving surgery she needed while at the orphanage, and that she was loved by her Ayi (nanny)- the same Ayi that held her in her arms when just a newborn and slowly fed her a bottle and then food (though I know it took much more time than other babies because of the cleft) and then handed into my arms on our Gotcha day. I'm so glad I was able to meet her and hug her and thank her.
I do want to say a note of encouragement to those who are contemplating or who are in the process of adoption - LiLi's referral picture was old - made when she was two years old (she was 6 at time of referral), and her face was swollen still from her cleft repair surgery. Photos can be misleading, and many people may miss a treasure if they only go by one photo.

Happy birthday sweet LiLi - you are truly a SPECIAL GIFT FROM GOD!!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness she is a beauty. Happy, happy birthday, dear LiLi!

    Carolyn (in Las Vegas)
    Mother to Joy Lin LuShen Hefei a.1997

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet girl! I do love your cake and the pretty candles!

    My daughter turned 8 a few weeks ago, it was also her very first birthday celebration, ever. I can imagine how LiLi must have felt on her special day after watching my daughter love her first birthday celebration.

    Thank you for reminding others about referral pictures. Many of them are very misleading and if one goes on looks alone, they will definitely miss out on many wonderful children that could have been theirs. In some countries, adoption agencies do not families any photos from the files. The families must decide based on the description alone.

  3. Happy Birthday Li Li - there will be many more with your family now!!

    hugs - aus and co.