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God's Plan For Us

This is our journey - God's incredible plan for our lives. When we followed the moving of the Holy Spirit, He opened the windows of Heaven and poured out upon us blessings we never dreamed of! Indescribable joy!

" For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today started on a good note. We got to sleep in a bit and not rush breakfast, so that was nice(though the table got kicked part way over twice, signaling the end of breakfast!) After wards we went for a walk and took some photos of the girls. They really enjoyed that, and, from a mama's perspective, I thought the pictures turned out beautifully! We found a store we had been looking for - Jenny's Place- and were able to purchase an English/ Chinese Bible. We also bought the girl's Christmas ornaments there. Xiaoyun picked out a small jewelry box with a cross on the top - so glad to see that. We met some more families who are here adopting, and that is always so pleasant. Our guide came to the hotel to do a bit of paperwork, and once we pass the TB test tomorrow we'll only have the interview and oath to be complete. Our guide looked at the girl's arms and said Enya Li's TB site looked good, but he wasn't as sure about Xiaoyun's. We're just praying that tomorrow it looks like it should. Enya Li got into some of Xiaoyun's things this afternoon, and when I took them away from her, she threw quite the fit. It lasted for what seemed like 3 or 4 days, though I'm sure it wasn't ;-) . Xiaoyun talked with her after a while and got her to calm down. After she was fine again, Xiaoyun talked to her some more (though I couldn't understand what she was saying) and Enya Li came over and told me she was sorry!!!! Xiaoyun is such a huge help and so sweet to even tell Enya Li she should apologize. Just a few more days!!!!!!!! Keep the prayers coming!!!!

Some practical things to bring to China that you might not consider:

Bring clothes pins - many of the rooms have a clothes line so you can wash out any clothes you may need to.
Ditto for powdered laundry detergent - the kind that has no perfumes or dyes - two of my girls from China have sensitive skin.
The clothes pins are also a way to entertain your child (if they are 7 years old) -they find all kinds of creative ways to use them.

When you first get to a new city, go to Walmart or equivalent, and buy:
liquid soap (they enjoy washing their hands with that and it is much less messy on the sink), liquid dish washing detergent (for rinsing out the sippy cups and spoons)
the sippy cup (one with a strap you can hang on a stroller)
plenty of napkins or paper towels
ramen noodles
peanut butter (the jars you bring with you get confiscated going through security) and jelly (for when you need comfort food from home)
some picture books of food, animals, everyday items - to start practicing English words (this is even good for the older kids)
bottled water
creamer for your coffee or tea- some hotels don't have any
plenty of diaper wipes and individual tissue packets in case you get to a potty that doesn't have any
Mi YaYa DVD for your child to watch on your computer - trust me on this one - I know for a fact that 6 and 7 years old girls love this cartoon character (you may even get a chance to unpack a suitcase while they are watching!!!! )
-and of course the coveted stroller.

Also, bring from home: plastic fork, knives, spoons and paper plates/bowls (have had a hard time finding those here).
A thumb drive to use as a back up for your computer( when you download photos)
Bug spray - especially for Guangzhou this time of year
Locks for your suitcases - so when you're at the hotel you are able to lock up bags you don't want the kids in - medicine, etc.
Post it notes to write down what all the paperwork says (you may think you won't forget but after awhile the paperwork starts to run together in your brain) Also a novelty for the kids to play with.
Small scissors - you won't believe how often you need them.
MP3 player and camera for older child - have some American music already downloaded
Purse for older girls and backpack for younger (make sure backpack isn't too large - they will pack it full - I think Enya's weighs 10 lbs! )
Cargo pants and shorts - make sure pockets snap or button. I wish I had only brought this type of pants. The pockets are great for holding small pack of kleenex, small bills, small pack of diaper wipes, gum, etc., so your not digging in a backpack every time you need a little something.

The most important things are the prayers of many people and the grace and protection only God can provide!!!!

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  1. Cindy - What a trooper and an amazing mom! I just pour over your blog everyday! I can just see God blessing your growing family and love your attitude when things get a little bit challenging :-)
    JunFen's TB was positive (bumps on her arms), but the x-ray showed she had clear lungs. IF Xiaoyun's arm shows positive...hang in there, I would have to believe the x-ray will show everything is fine. Count on our continued prayers and love to you all!