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God's Plan For Us

This is our journey - God's incredible plan for our lives. When we followed the moving of the Holy Spirit, He opened the windows of Heaven and poured out upon us blessings we never dreamed of! Indescribable joy!

" For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thing that I’m thankful for:

1) When your 7 year old daughter, that you just met, calls you Mama and also knows everyone's name in the photo album you sent her.
2) The first time you hear the laughter and see the smile on her face.
3) The love displayed for your daughters by those who have cared for them all their lives.
4) The sacrificial love of a foster mom, who realizes that the only way that the daughter she has cared for 9 years to have medical care is to encourage her to be adopted.
5) Being able to cry with the foster mom and reassuring her that our new daughter will be loved and cared for by many.
6) Kind people in the airport who helped us with our bags.
7) The angel God sent to hold Enya and talk to her during her meltdown in the Beijing airport.
8) The kisses of a little girl who has been in an orphanage her entire life and the miracle that she is so affectionate.
9) Singing the only song I know in Mandarin, and that same little girl singing along with me - the song says that a child who has a mother is treasured.
10) My new teenager slipping a slender silver ring on my finger she had brought for me.
11) That same daughter sitting in my lap and putting her arms around me.
12) Xiaoyun asking me to dry and brush her hair.
13) Xiaoyun thanking me for adopting her - thank you Lord!
14) Being able to Skype with Baba (Virgil) and the girl's seeing and talking to him and to their sisters.
15) Xiaoyun saying she can't wait to get home.
16) Waking up in the morning, and Xiaoyun reaching over to hold my hand.
17) Laying down with Enya Li, and she rising up to give me a kiss.
18) Having a daughter who loves to read (Xiaoyun)
19) Having a daughter who loves to sing (Enya Li)
20) A daughter who gives you the first bite of her food - even if she only has one bite. (Enya Li)
21) A daughter who is concerned the hair dryer is getting too hot in your hand, and wraps a towel around the handle so it won't burn you. (Xiaoyun)
22) A daughter who laughs out loud, when you paint her fingernails for the first time. (Both girls)
23) Being able to take the girl's to an amusement park and watching the joy on their faces as they ridden the rides.
24) Seeing the expression on Enya Li's face the first time she has ice cream.
25) Having your daughter - right before she goes to bed- run over to you, throw her arms around you, and give you a kiss on both cheeks. (Xiaoyun)
26) Having a mom who is willing to make a physically difficult journey to share in the 'birth' of her new granddaughter's.

You Will Survive

1) If your child force feeds you something that fell on the floor in the middle of the airport in Harbin, China- you will survive (at least for a while).
2)If your child feeds you dried seaweed, and you REALLY dislike seaweed, you will survive.
3) If you child needs to go to the potty 6 times on a 2 hour flight and the bathrooms are smaller even than American airplanes- you will survive.
4) If you have to kneel down on that same bathroom floor, after many people have already used said potty and missed the mark- you will survive.
5) If, while you are still kneeling down pulling up your child's undies, she decides to flush that airplane toilet- you will survive (though may not want to).
6) If you become a human pack mule, carrying lots of groceries, bottled water, and sodas in a backpack and with both arms- you will survive.
7) f your new daughter head butts you (by accident - I think ), and you think you've lost half your tongue- you will survive.
8) If you take your child to an outdoor squatty potty and she insists on removing her pants and undies - which you drop on the floor - not once, but twice, and then she decides she doesn't need to go- you will survive.
9) If you take an underground tunnel to get to the opposite side of the street and you end up somehow managing to come back up where you just went down (instead of on the other side of the street- you will survive (but you sure are going to look stupid!)
10) If the new cup you just bought your daughter, which you had just washed and sterilized and put fresh water in, she decides to dump out on the bathroom floor and then refill with undrinkable water- you will survive.
11) If you try a bite of food your daughter was eating, and at almost the same time the guide is saying 'It is made of pig's blood'- you will survive. (It came out of my mouth quickly and then we realized she was talking about a different food! We all had a good laugh!!!!!
12) If the air conditioning in the hotel is broken and there are no windows you can open, and you sit surrounded by a pool of sweat- you will survive and maybe even lose a couple of pounds of water weight!


  1. Love the lists! They are great! I'm so glad things are going well with both girls!

  2. Love it!!! The heart of a Mama bear is all about survival. I am so blessed to follow your beautiful (sometimes humorous ;-) journey!!!
    God bless all of you.
    Karin F