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God's Plan For Us

This is our journey - God's incredible plan for our lives. When we followed the moving of the Holy Spirit, He opened the windows of Heaven and poured out upon us blessings we never dreamed of! Indescribable joy!

" For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, April 29, 2011

As I sit here typing my two beautiful new daughters lie sleeping peacefully near me. It has been a whirlwind that has left my head spinning, and I've barely had time to catch my breath and reflect on what has transpired in the last 5 days (has it only been 5 days!!!!?). We were in Harbin such a short time we only saw the few stores around the hotel and then the streets we went through to get to and from the Civil Affairs Office. Everyone involved in Enya Li's adoption were so very kind, and truly cared for her well being. I was asked several times, by different ones, if we would be able to get her eye fixed (the drooping eyelid). I did reassure them that that was first on the list once she was comfortable enough to have the surgery, and then they asked for pictures after the surgery was complete. They do not have many adoptions from her orphanage. It is very small (around 100 children) and many have special needs.
Enya Li was all smiles very shortly after I met her. She pulled out her photo album we sent her and could point out all the family and knew her big brothers and sisters. It was obvious her Nanny had been working with her on them. I was able to meet her nanny, since she traveled with Enya Li to meet me. She had been Enya's nanny since she was brought to the orphanage as a baby. Enya is very affectionate and free with kisses and hugs. She also is a strong willed child :-)!!!! If we are in the safe boundaries of the room she does pretty well, but once we leave the room she either must be carried or will sit down in the floor and throw a fit. I used to be the mother who said 'My kids will never do that!' ;-) Now I'm saying"Please don't do that -I'll give you anything you want- just don't scream!" Of course, right now we're in a place where some aren't particularly fond of a foreigner adopting and I'm sure many are thinking I'm kidnapping Enya. The funny thing is, Enya will obey whatever someone speaking Mandarin tells her and does it immediately - just not for me (or Mom). The guide here in Evelyn Xiaoyun's province said she likes to hear Enya talk because her accent is what true Mandarin sounds like.
We left Harbin yesterday morning for a two part flight to Guiyang.We had 2 hours before our flight left and Enya started getting ansy. A kind family talked with her, and then a young man came over and introduced himself. He had overheard us talking to the family and he asked questions about adopting and took our picture to put on what he called his 'microblog'. He ended up helping with our luggage getting on the plane and also when we exited after the flight. We flew to Beijing, had a four hour layover and then another 3 hour flight. Enya enjoyed the plane, but we had issues with wearing the seatbelt, and had to get flight attendance to help us out. At the Beijing airport Enya started getting upset and by the time it was over we were sitting in the middle of Beijing International with Enya kicking , screaming, and trying her best to get away from me. when I say sitting I mean on the floor surrounded by many people waiting to catch their flight. I'm fairly confidant that all of them would have called me an unfit mother. After several failed attempts to find someone who spoke English, a woman walked up and offered to talk to her (she spoke English!). I'm pretty positive it was an angel. She picked Enya up and held her and asked her what was wrong. Somehow Enya had gotten into her mind that the police were coming to take her away for being bad. I don't know if someone told her that (a lot of people spoke to her throughout the day and I couldn't understand what they were telling her, so who knows how she got the idea in her mind. Well, the woman starts telling me what Enya had said, and I just start bawling - my own meltdown, I suppose. After that she calmed down, but it was a long lay over and a long day. The flight from Beijing to Guiyang seemed to take forever. Both Mom and I were exhausted - from jet lag and Enya Li. We were hoping from some rest, but it didn't happen. Enya was busy the entire trip. Everything is so new for her and I think she is in sensory overload.Once we landed in Guiyang our guide took us straight to the adoption affairs office to meet Evelyn Xiaoyun. I'd hope we would have a chance to freshen up, but no such luck. She was there waiting for us. She is wonderful, so sweet, and she has been quite a help with Enya. She knows about 100 English words and we have a pocket translator that has proven invaluable. It was difficult for her to leave her foster family - she has been with them for 9 years now. Her foster mom said they couldn't afford to adopt her themselves and wanted her to be able to get surgery that they could have not provided. I cannot even imagine what they must be feeling right now. They were comforted by seeing photos of the extended family and knowing she would be loved by family and friends. They requested photos after Xiaoyun's surgery, if we are able to get the surgery.... Virgil here, please continue to pray for all these ladies. Cindy really needs strength and wisdom to handle what's ahead.


  1. Sounds like a very exhausting day, It is good you have both girls now, hopefully things will get a little easier. I will say some prayers for you.

  2. Dear sweet Cindy!!! Please know that I am praying for you and your precious girls!!!! Lizzie had terrible meltdowns that got so much better over time! "If the Lord brings you to it, He will bring you through it!!!!!"

  3. Cindy you all have lots of 'balcony people' praying for all of you-that will get you thru!!!!! Can't wait to meet your girls!!!