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God's Plan For Us

This is our journey - God's incredible plan for our lives. When we followed the moving of the Holy Spirit, He opened the windows of Heaven and poured out upon us blessings we never dreamed of! Indescribable joy!

" For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, May 3, 2010


The day has finally arrived!!!!! We have been awake since about 4am and finally gave up trying to go back to sleep and got up. It is hard to believe that in 3-4 hours we will see and hold Elli after all these months of dreaming of this day. My pattern - like most days since we got here- is to cry. Brush your teeth - cry. Pour water into a cup for tea - cry. Read the card sent for today - REALLY CRY. I'm trying to get rid of all the tears before we see her. Not in a million years do I want her to think I am anything but joyful when I see her sweet face. The verse mentioned in the card today talked about being knit in my mother's womb. Elli may not have been knit in my womb, but she has definitely been knit in my (in all our) hearts. To be a mother is such a privilege and He has allowed me to add to my fold - what a Mighty One is HE!!!!!!!!! The next time I write will be to announce the arrival of Elli Chun Willoughby into our family!!!! We will post pic also if possible. We love you all!!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness-you all are about to be parents again of a little girl-I cannot imagine your anticipation!!! I feel like we're expecting to hear-"she's in labor-just alittle longer and our baby girl will be born"!!! I feel like you all are actually in the labor phase and I mean that in a good way-I try to think how u all must be feeling now-WOW-Again please know we are truly praying tonight( this morning for you all)-and please remember we are in the balcony cheering-ofcourse we know that God is behind all of this-God bless you all at the time you meet!!!!!! Love you-congratulations on your new little daughter!!!!!!

  2. What a HAPPY Day!! So excited for yall...will be keeping you in our prayers and looking forward to seeing all the pictures!

  3. love you all, momma